1.Softgel Die Roll Set, Tapioca Starch and Softgel Fill Encapsulation machine

3.Large Plastic Bottle Jar and Metal Can, Protein Nutrition Powder, Fill Cap Label Seal packing machine line

2.Capsule Tablet Softgel, Count and Fill, Sachet and Bottle packing machine

4.Cup large and small coffee capsule, Fill Seal packing machine

5.Paper tube and Metal can, Fill and Seal nitrogen fill Packing machine and line

6.Bottle large and small, Liquid/cream/paste, Fill Cap packing machine and line

7.Sachet, Granule/powder/solid products, Form Fill Seal vertically (VFFS) Full automatic packing machine

8.Sachet, Liquid, Form Fill Seal vertically(VFFS) Full automatic packing machine

9.Preformed pouch/Stand up Pouch/Doypack/Zipper/Suck/Quad seal side gusset Pouch Rotary Fill and Seal Full automatic packing machine

10.Multi lanes Stick/Sachet long Form Fill Seal(VFFS)Full automatic packing machine

11.Fill Packing Full automatic continuous production Line  (Salt fill bottle packing line, Mint pill fill box packing line etc.)

12.Plastic Tube Fill Seal Full automatic packing machine

13.Box/Can/Cup/Long products, Seal Wrap Shrink, Full automatic packing machine

14.Palletizing and Cartoning system

15.Blender and Powder preparation machines

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