Doypack Fill Seal Label line

Stand up premade pouch, its filling and sealing will be worked out on one machine, and in some industries, only the premade pouch is workable, including retort bag, stand up pouch, zipper pouch, and flat pouch that all are premade. When labeling function is required, it has to be a continuous line.




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To connect labeling machine with the premade pouch filling sealing machine as a line continuously and full automatically, it requires more other functions on the line:

  • Feeding
  • Separating pouch
  • Labeling one side or both sides
  • Coding
  • Filling and sealing
  • Discharging the finished product


Capacity of the line is customized according to user's requirements and feature of product pouch. As manufacture site of world leading machine brands in Europe and America, this series is many required in these market, our patent technologies are included and they are CE certified. Its available for different size pouches all working on the same line, by adjusting some parts, convenient and easy operation. Good for cleaning.


It can work on different dosage form of product for filling, liquid, sauce, powder, or granule. Even two or three types of dosage form can be filled into same pouch, like granule with powder in one pouch, granule powder and liquid all three in one pouch, powder and liquid in one pouch etc., such very special customization is good display of our manufacture capability!



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