Jerry Can Fill Cap Label line

Jerry can, its the name of a plastic canister bottle with typical shape, widely used in food and medicine, like food sauce, hemodialysis liquid etc., all filling product in the jerry can is free flow liquid like water, but each product has special feature, so the machine structure should be customized with user's product feature.



Looking from picture, its almost the same for each manufacturer, while the performance, precision, and small considerable details will make our machine much different with others. We have manufactured the jerry can packing machine, with different capacity, with rich experiences from functions of feeding, filling, capping, sealing, labeling, and automatic cleaning.


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  • Automatic Cleaning, Automatic Feeding and Filling

This system includes inner bottle cleaning, feed liquid solution, fill liquid solution into large plastic can, besides it can have the automatic cleaning in place(CIP) in continuous circulation, all is full automatic, control from PLC touch screen for example the filling amount, cleaning in place in continuous circulation etc., programe and machine structure are all design and made by ourselves, also including the mechanical parts manufactured by ourselves, accoardingly we have the capability to customize. And because of the special feature of hemodialysis solution, all product contact are treated with special finish, to protect product and machine both.


  • Automatic Capping

It has functions of automatic cap unscrambler and cap loading, automatic cap screwing, even large plastic can is mostly the same in the world from different manufacturer, we still need sample of the large plastic can to make test or debugging before manufacture and during manufacture, because even a small place different on the cap, machine structure will be effect a lot. Some users have the large plastic can with external cap and inner cap both, which can be both realized their automatic unscramble and load and automatic capping.


  • Automatic Labeling with code & date Printing

This is mostly adhered on one side or two sides of the large plastic can, our automatic labeling machine can be well designed according to label location and label size and any special code & date & QR code & barcode on label etc., other functions in the line to be continuous complete automatic, they can be cartoning, palletizing etc. according to the user requirements.


  • Capacity

All the conveyor when large volume for example 10L, it will be different comparing conveyor for smaller can; capacity or speed of the line can be also customized with user requirements, only the machine size and scale will be large when high speed, which will require larger room workshop to place. As above photos, its the type smallest speed with filling and capping on one machine and all filling capping area has partition with cover, which is optional according to URS.


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