10 Pouch in a Bag Line

Pouch or Sachet, here its regarded as Small bag, to fill the pouch into big bag, and have the big bag shape forming, filling, sealing all full automatic, its customized with user's own pouch product and bag size. 



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By our over 30 years manufacture experience, own structure design, own program design, own mechanical parts manufacture, and own assembly, we are the manufacture site of world leading machine brands in Europe and America. We have the capability much better than else to customize this line. This line is one of our advantage lines well manufactured to Europe end users.


As the photo, its the most simple one, because the small bag, I.E. pouch form fill seal machine is manufactured from us too, so its easy to customize a full line with pouch form fill seal machine and big bag with pouch fill for forming filling sealing machine. While its more projects are doing with customer's existing pouch packing machine, we have to design the new system to connect with user's existing pouch machine and have the pouch automatic feed and count to the big bag packing machine. So to have all process automatic but not crowdly and no wrong counting.


Such customization require a very delicate manufacturing from a small mechanial part, reasonable program design, careful assembly, and serious debugging testing before delivery. Mostly the program design for such automatic machinery is not well developed as Europe, but we have better advantages because we work with most Europe machine brands since our start year 1989. With our machine, you can use it for at least more than 10 years but still with good performance.



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