High Speed Powder Fill

This high speed dual heads filling machine with high accuracy is specially designed under GMP and Hygiene requirements for packing powder dosage material, for example, milk powder, instant powder, rice powder, solid beverage, dextrose, baby infant formula milk powder, nutritional powder, supplement protein powder.



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  • Equipped with weighing system, designed for refill after weighing, improved wholy for its precision and speed. 
  • With advanced functions of automatic and circulative empty can net weight, automatic weighing and less to circulation refill etc.
  • Color English touch screen human machine interface, PLC control system. 
  • 3 sets servo motor driven system operation, accurate positioning, high precision, available to set the rotary speed. 
  • Whole machine structure and arrangement reasonable, very convenient when change the packing type and cleaning. 
  • Change the auger screw parts, suitable for super fine powder to granule powder etc.
  • Whole sealed filling, with functions of can supporting, vibration and dust collection etc. 



  • Filling weight: 10-5000g 
  • Measuring way: auger screw filling with instant weighing feedback and circulative refill after weighing.
  • Hopper volume: Pre-fill 50L, refill 10L or 35L
  • Filling precision: 100-500g, ≤±1g;  ≥500g, ≤±1.5g   
  • Filling speed: 20-55cans/minute
  • (when dia 127mm H 170mm, dia 99mm H 100mm, stable speed can be 45cans/minute)  
  • Power supply: 380V 50/60Hz 3.5Kw 
  • Total weight: 700kgs 
  • Overall dimension: 3000x1100x2300mm 
  • Suitable Can dimension: cylindrical container of diameter 50-160mm, height 50-300mm


Its complete full automatic continuous filling sealing packing line is well manufactured and provided to the milk powder manufacturers and nutritional powder manufacturers, with whole project from preparation blending by ribbon blender, or bin lifting blender etc., bin for turnover, feeding according to the powder feature, then whole line of packing but combine all with good operator arrangement and space arrangement, safety and human friendly, with the operation process most suitable to space limit and product requirements.



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