Can Depalletizer

With advanced humanization depalletizing technology, this machine put every layer empty can onto the can unsrambler, application in empty can depalletizing operation for tinplate Metal Cans, Paper Cans, and Aluminum Cans. Its lifting is driven by servo motor, accurate positioning, English name brand touch screen with PLC controlling system, it can store 10 formula extraction data, convenient and intuitive, operation simple.



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  • Capacity: More than 60 cans/minute (when empty cans supply in time)
  • Max can pallet size: 1400*1300*1800mm
  • Power supply: 3P AC 208-415V 50/60Hz
  • Machine power: 1.6KW
  • Overall shape: 4766*1954*2413mm
  • The main frame of the whole machine is made of stainless steel, part of the drive shaft is carbon steel plating.
  • Servo motor and reducer drive the lifting of can picking device
  • Equipped with conveyor belt, PVC green belt, width 1200mm.




Working principle: 

  • After people manually have the whole pallet empty can transported to designated position (the palletizing method is the can mouth upward), click the start button, the system will automatically determine the height of the empty can pallet by photoelectric detection; 
  • According to the demand of buffer belt to the can, push a layer of empty cans onto the buffer panel through the scraper, then adjust its height upper and lower sides to butt joint to the height of the rear buffer belt, and then send the empty cans to the buffer belt for use;
  • The buffer belt will continuously send the can to the can unscrambler according to the can unscrambler's demand for the can;
  • Each time the depalletizer machine unloads a layer of empty cans, the equipment automatically reminds, after receiving the reminder, people manually removes the cardboard that between the two layers of empty cans, until the empty cans on the entire pallet are completely unloaded, and then proceed to the next cycle.


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