Nutri Lotion Fill Cap Line

Tailor made full automatic line for skin nutrient nourishing lotion with beads into plastic bottle fill cap monoblock and induction sealing and labeling

  • 100ml and 250ml operation on the same line




Filling system is especially good for the special filling material lotion with lots of beads, which is Skin Nutrient Nourishing lotion for body and hand, this line is made for a country forbe top 50 companies in south asia, for pharmaceutical and nutrient health cosmetic with end products main distributed in pharma store to end consumers, so its user requirements are many and very strictly, with technical documents same requirements with the Europe machines, as most of their machines are famous in the world bought from Europe manufacturers. It cost long time before manufacture confirmation but very limit delivery time for our manufacture, but all is worked well and now the machine is well operating in end user site. Thanks very much for our team working so well to let end user satisfied very much.




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Tailor made the filling packing machine and line is our strong advantages. For this line, it has functions:

  • bottle unscrambler and feeding,
  • lotion with beads filling (feeding can be well provided also),
  • bottle cap unscrambler and feeding,
  • bottle capping,
  • induction sealing,
  • bottle labeling,
  • finished product collecting,

all are full automatic operation, with two size of bottles running on this same line, 100ml and 250ml. Some special features required by user which is state of the art are all well made and smooth operation. The line is not straightly finally and designed by our own with bend to well meet user's room space.




                        Debugging at our facility                                       Testing at end user site




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