Mint Tablet Fill Cap Line

Full automatic Flat Box Filling Capping packing machine line for Mint Tablet and Pill



Mint tablet, all line filling into box packing machines are full automatic, it is tailor made with user requirements from end user in Europe, with functions in the line:

  • Box body unscrambling automatic entering
  • Mint tablet automatic feeding
  • Mint tablet automatic counting and filling
  • Box lid automatic unscrambling and feeding
  • Box lid automatic capping
  • Collecting finished mint tablet box


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Function of mint tablet automatic counting and filling system is manufactured by the multi heads system, which is good for candy, tablet, cake, large particle product etc., we have various choices of filling system to match different product, when liquid, or cream, or paste, or powder, or small granule etc., their filling system is all different with each other.



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