Sachet 10Lanes Packer

10 Lanes 4 sides sealing full automatic Sachet Forming Filling Sealing packing machine

  • Example here is for health food granule dosage form: salt, pepper, sugar;
  • Available to make for other dosage form: liquid, powder, sauce etc. with different filling system.
  • Typical machine for High Speed 100-400 sachet/minute 4 sides seal Sachet medicine powder granule.
  • According to Output and Sachet width, it can be 2 lanes, 3 lanes, 4 lanes, 5 lanes, 6 lanes...



     Site view when starting Assembly                   Manufacture complete when Debugging


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Left photo its the on our normal workshop, and right photo is air conditioner controlling temperature and humidity room for special products filling and machine debugging when machine manufacture is complete, because material for this machine required by user, it has salt, which has special feature. 


For some materials that is easy to change its character effected by humidity and temperature, for example the medicine and nutritional products, we will move the completed manufacture machine to this room and have that material filling and machine testing, the change of material character will effect a lot for the filling precision, filling speed, and sachet shape formed and sealed. User shall tell us if their material will be changed character by humidity and temperature when confirming the order manufacture.



  • Appearance of the finished product sachet, its as above photo for reference.
  • Film width: 800mm, 80mm for single lane film width.
  • Material of the film: composite film, double, triplex, quadruplex for example Paper/PET/PE, PET/PE, Paper/Alu/PE, Paper/PE/Alu/PE etc.
  • Example here its Siemens touch screen and PLC, and Siemens servo motor which are required by user, our standard is from another brand, available to do all electric parts as per user requirements.
  • Feeding by vacuum feeder as example here.
  • For all special product filling and packing, all product contact parts are made by superior quality material.
  • CE certified and meet GMP manufacture and hygiene standard requirements.
  • Product feeding, filing, forming, sealing, code printing, finished product discharging all can be a whole system continuous working, customize on user's product and requirements.
  • Higher precision, less material wastage, better operation to avoid cross contamination from people contact, especially good for the medicine powder and medicine granule 4 sides seal sachet packing!




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