Can & Bottle Sterilizer

UV sterilizing machine for empty can and empty bottle


  • Chain plate conveyor width: 152mm
  • Conveying speed: 10meter/minute
  • Power supply: 3P 380/220V 50/60Hz
  • Whole machine power: motor 0.55Kw, light 0.96Kw
  • Whole machine weight: 220kg
  • Outline: 3200x400x1150mm


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  • This is the first choice sterilizing equipment for empty can and empty bottle in aseptic workshop.
  • It is composed of two section, each section is shined by two quartz glass UV sterilizing lights, both installed at the top, shining from top to bottom, stailess steel cover plate at the top can be easy disassembled, and convenient for maintenance. 
  • Outline stainless steel structure, transmission shaft carbon steel electroplating.


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