Can Cleaner

Metal Can Inner Degauss Cleaning Machine



  • The max operation speed: 60cans/minute
  • Applicable max can specification: 502#
  • Power supply: 3P AC380/220V 50/60Hz
  • Whole machine power: 1.65Kw
  • Outline: 1800x540x1173mm


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  • With advanced technology of can turning to let opening down, blowing to clean, and controlling, to realize empty can turning and blowing cleaning functions, and make sure no any impurities inside can.
  • Equipped with degausser, can mouth to down, when compress air blowing and cleaning, can body no magnetism, to make sure iron etc. impurity can be blow and clean out.
  • Air source is generated by air blower equipped into machine itself.
  • Outline appearance stainless steel structure, transmission shaft carbon steel electroplating.


CE ISO certified


Available another model type machine for blowing and cleaning external surface of can, its appearance as below photo for reference.



  • Working speed: 60cans/minute
  • Suitable can types: #300-502
  • Power supply: 3P, 380V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Whole machine power: 0.48Kw
  • Air blower power: 5.5Kw
  • Outline: 1720x900x1260mm



  • It is cleaning equipment for finished product can external surface, available to have comprehensive blowing and cleaning for can around, can top and can bottom.
  • Can is driven by two round shape belt whose speed is different, to make the can rotating when can moving, and let the haribrush installed at two sides to be available to brush everywhere of can.
  • Top and bottom sides have pulse air to blow and clean, working with the dust collecting device, it has very good cleaning effect, air source is generated by equipped pressurizes air blower.
  • Equipped with speed regulator, available to adjust the speed of round belt.
  • All stainless steel structure, with organic glass cover, dust no leakage outside and avoid environment pollution, equipment structure simple easy opeation.
  • Bottom part has dedust mouth, to be able to connect with deduster, deduster should be purchased or prepared by user.


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