Cap Pressing Machine

Plastic lid Pressing machine


Applicable for metal can or paper tube, mostly required in a can or paper tube filling packing line, where after sealing of can or paper tube; plastic lid pressing is mostly the last stage function of can packing line, but for paper tube packing line, some user may require sleeve shrink after the lid pressing.



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  • Speed of cap pressing: 60-70cans/minute
  • Applicable specification of can: diameter 60-160mm, height 50-260mm
  • Power supply: 3P, AC380/220V 50/60Hz
  • Whole machine power: 120W
  • Compressed air: 6kg/square meter, 0.3square meter/min
  • Outline: 1540x470x1800mm
  • Speed of conveyor: 10.4meter/minute



Whole machine main body stainless steel structure, organic glass cover available to open, PLC control, touch screen human machine interface friendly display, opeation simple and easy, applicable for various of soft plastic lid or plastic cap, no special requirements to the cap features, cap loading and cap pressing at one machine, different specification plastic lid, change mold and adjust equipment, easy and simple to operate. 


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