Can Turning Machine

Can turning machine

  • to turn over cans from bottom-up to top-up side, for metal can after powder filling and sealing, 
  • for products nutrition powder, infant and baby milk pwoder, 
  • applicable for can filling sealing packing line mostly, location in the line is after the vacuum nitrogen filling sealing and before plastic cap pressing machine, CE certified and meet GMP and hygiene requirements.



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  • It is composed by two parts, conveyor and can turning device.
  • Speed of conveyor: 10.4meter/minute
  • Green PVC belt with high abrasion resistance, length 1.5m, width of belt 160mm, width of the shell frame 220mm.
  • Appearance stainless steel structure, transmission shaft carbon steel electroplating
  • Power supply: 3P AC380V 50/60Hz 120W


Can turning device:

  • Spiral tunnel type
  • Length 500mm x Width 300mm
  • Main material: Ultra high molecular PE (UPE), others stainless steel


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