Can Powder Fill Seal Line

Composite Paper tube / Metal can Powder filling and sealing machine line

  •       Applicable product: cosmetic powder, nutrition powder, pediatric milk powder, infant powder, baby powder


The line functions is mostly:

  • Can depalletizer
  • Can unscrambler turning table
  • Can sterilizer
  • Can dust blowing
  • Labeling machine
  • Powder feeding and filling into Can, or filling with weighing and refilling
  • Weight checking
  • Vacuum nitrogen filling can sealing machine
  • Can turning
  • Plastic lid pressing machine


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  • Our advantages tailor made the packing machine and line for medicine and health food industry!
  • Decided by speed of Vacuum nitrogen filling can sealing machine, whose speed can be only max 1800cans/hour, speed of this line is designed as 1800cans/hour too, if vacuum is not required, only nitrogen filling and can sealing machine as alternative, speed of this line can be faster.
  • When higher speed is required, like 3600cans/hour, vacuum nitrogen filling can sealing machine can be unit machines, and powder filling by higher speed type, for the whole line to reach the speed.
  • Precision is in range 0.3-1%, different with the product feature and fill weight.
  • Oxygen content per can can be controlled max 3%/can.
  • Pls kindly understand to exactly confirm the cost and design of this line, your product package material sample are required by courier to us and workshop layout to arrange, they are necessary for our engineer team to test and design the line, so to make sure the line meet your requirements, with smooth stable operation.
  • Completely meet the GMP and hygiene requirements, CE certified


A video here for reference operation of Vacuum nitrogen filling can sealing machine and other series can fill and seal machine:


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