Pneumatic 3/4 sides VFFS

Sachet vertical form filling sealing machine Pneumatic type

  • Good for small medicine sachet application.
  • More beautiful shape, more flexible for different sachet specification, more convenient adjusting.


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Optional parts for main machine:

1. Date code printer

2. Fix number cut

3. Stainless steel machine out case

4. Round hole punching device

5. Shape sealing jaw

6. V or U shape easy tear notch

7. All kind of different filling device depend on products


Optional sealing format: 

3 side seal as below


4 side seal as below


Technical Specification

Model no.



Length of bag(mm)

Max   180

Max   180

Width of bag(mm)

Max   130

Max   130

Max film width(mm)

Max   260

Max   260

Sealing format

3   side sealing

4   side sealing

Packing speed




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