Liquid Bottle Fill Cap Line

Pharma & Nutrition Liquid & Solution Fill bottle Capping Labeling Full automatic packing production line



According to the user and product requirements, the line functions are mostly as following:

  • Unscrambler
  • Bottle cleaning
  • Bottle sterilizing
  • Filling liquid or solution
  • Induction sealing
  • Cap screwing or pressing,
  • Special cap sealing onto bottle body
  • Leakage detection, labeling
  • Printing code of date and letters or QR code and bar code
  • Shrink sleeve
  • Automatic cleaning (Wash in Place and Operating from touch screen for automatic cleaning)
  • Filling parts all closed sealed as the sterile working


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They can be linear or rotary filling, line conveyor direction is customization designed with the user room space to meet the GMP working process and standard.




  • CE & ISO certified, OEM site of European and America machine brands and machine manufacturers.
  • World class State of the Art quality and technology.
  • Good for the medicine and nutritional liquid hygiene packing and GMP working requirements. 
  • High precision and superior quality of raw material, all mechanical parts are manufactured by ourselves, to meet the customization need and in time delivery.
  • Delicate appearance with all warming marks or scales as CE standard, convenient and easy for user's any operator to learn and use.
  • All the electrical parts are famous and durable brands from China or improted. Specified brands can be provided for example Siemens PLC and touch screen. For some brands which are not good for this type packing machine, we will give recommendation and discuss for a good solution providing.
  • All full set of technical documents that specially required by the medicine or nutritional product manufacture plant, they can be well provided with details, same as the European or American machine documents.



There is other manufacture case for more reference, for nutrient cosmetic skin lotion filling packing into plastic bottle pls click page. With our rich experience on products in nutrition and pharmaceutical industry and our filling packing machinery projects, we are able to provide the project machines above more than your expectation.


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