N2 Fill Can Seal 7BPM

Full Automatic Can Vacuum nitrogen filling and Can sealing all in one machine monoblock

  • applicable widely most in Food industry.


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  • Its can vacuum nitrogen filling and can sealing monoblock, save space and more convenient operation.
  • Stainless steel manufactured.
  • Main electronic components are for example mitsubishi PLC, frequency converter and the proximity switch, Siemens analogy output electromagnetic valve and South Korea magnetic valve. Available to tailor made if you need other brand of electronic components.

                                                                     CE & ISO certified


Technical Parameters

  • Production output: 300-420cans/hour                  
  • Diameter of can: 50-126mm 
  • Height of can: 100-240mm 
  • Power: 1.5kw 
  • Weight: 860kg 
  • Size: 220*110*160cm


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