Can Seal 30cans/min

Tinplate lid sealing full automatic, for metal tin can, composite paper tube, paper canister

  •                   For food, pharmaceutical, nutrition industry product packing.



  • Material of shell: Stainless Steel 304                                                                        
  • Output: 30 pieces/minute fixed speed, not adjustable
  • Height of Paper tube/Can: 50-200mm adjustable,
  •                                        smaller height for example 25mm can be well customized
  • Diameter of Paper tube/Can: 35-130mm, according to sample, one set of mould for one diameter
  • Air cylinder: AirTAC                                  
  • Sensor:Autonics                                         
  • Air sourse: 0.6Mpa                            
  • Power: 1100W                                    
  • Comply with GMP or Food production requirements
  • Transparent glass cover is optional


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                                                                  CE & ISO certified


Composite paper tube / paper canister to run on this machine is as below:



Composite paper tube with kraft material body, with top lid: 

  • sealed easy pull lid (as above 1st photo) or sealed easy peel lid (as above 2nd photo), and then sealed plastic lid (as above 3rd photo)

with bottom lid: 

  • unsealed (as below 1st photo)
  • tinplate lid appearance (as below 2nd and 3rd photo)




Tin can container to be able to run at this machine is as below:



The products to be filled in tin can before sealing can be as below:

  • powder, like protein nutrition powder, food rice powder, food powder, coffee powder, supplement nutrition powder etc.,
  • granule, like biscuit, coffee bean, preserved fruit, tea etc.,
  • sauce, like food sauce, tomato sauce, soubean sauce etc.,
  • liquid, like food drink etc.,
  • lotion, emulsion etc. its available to seal tin can with all kinds of product filled, tin can available to run can be metal tin can or composite tin can.


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