Liquid Fill Irregular Pouch

Full automatic fill and seal irregular shape sachet.  (For liquid or Liquid type product)




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1. Automatic forming, filling, sealing and shape

2. Sachet shape can be made according to customer design by changing punch mould.

3. High sensitive fiber optic photo sensor can automatically trace color mark accurately.

4. PLC combined with 5.7 inch color touch screen control system, can easily set and change the packing parameters. Daily production output and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen.

5. PID temperature controller monitors heat sealing temperature within 1℃.


CE & ISO certified



Model No.



Sealing Type

Four-side sealing with flat pattern

Punch Mould

Round type, bottle type, and other customer made mould

Max Film Width

2 x W80 x L180 (mm)

W160 x L180 (mm)

Packing speed

40-50 packs/min

20-25 packs/min

Compress Air

6 bar


220V, 1 phase, 50/60Hz


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