Rotary Capping machine

Full Automatic rotating-disk Capping machine, model SCM-180A



  • Its designed for plastic screw lid, lift up lid, anti-theft lid etc.for round/oval/square and irregularity containers/bottles. 
  • One or two capping head are available according to customer speed requirement. 
  • For automatic rotating-disk type capping machine with one head, its capping speed could be 30-40bottles/minute.


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  • Machine main construction by stainless steel 304
  • Capping by top press and screw.
  • PLC + touch screen control system.
  • Capping head with variable speed AC motor.
  •    (Equipped with only one size. Change capping head for different size of lid)
  • No lid, machine automatically stop and alarm.



  • Rotating-disk for other bottle sizes
  • Capping head for other size of lid



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