Liquid 5-1000ml Fill Cap

Automatic Filling and Capping machine (Monoblock), bottle packing machine

  • For low and mid viscosity like liquid, eyedrop, lotion, ointment, cream, hand cream etc. 
  • Also it can fill infusion, diluted solutions, emulsions, suspensions, oxygen-sensitive, foaming and highly sensitive liquids
  • Range 5-1000ml/bottle
  • Bottle types: Dropper glass bottle, Tincture glass bottles, Plastic bottles small dia mouth etc.



  • This small filling and capping system is designed for filling application of small volume and invariable bottle size. 
  • It combines filling and capping in one body, ensure compact size and practicality. 
  • Its good for liquid, eyedrop, lotion, ointment or cream filling and packing into bottle, 
  • especially designed for low and mid viscosity product filling. 
  • Well meet GMP standard. 
  • Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, cosmetic, health care products and food industry etc.


Welcome to contact our professional sales engineer to have win-win solutions:

  • Machine picture is only for appearance reference;
  • The picture has no machine safety hood, it can be well provided and mostly as optional device;
  • Machine size and weight will be custom made with lotion or cream or liquid and its bottle.
  • Electronic parts such as touch screen can be specified their brand, such as Siemens touch screen etc. 




  • Material for machine construction: SS304L stainless steel, SS316L for contact area
  • Variable filling device and filling heads can be custom made according to characteristic of filling material and speed requirement. If bottle size change, another rotating disk mould will be need.
  • PLC plus touch screen control system, precise cam slicer, machine all action have detection equipment, stable and reliable.
  • Rotary cam divider separate and conveys bottles.
  • No bottle, no filling, automatically testing bottle. No cap/lid, no capping.
  • Compressed air driven piston pump filling.
  • Bottom filling type to avoid foam during filling.
  • Filling Machine process: bottle inlet, lotion filling, capping lifting and capping.
  • Capping type: Vibrate type cap chute and placer, two-lines, suitable for flat round cap, cap screwing and torsion is adjustable.



  • Variable filling device (Liquid, Ointment, Powder, Granule etc.)
  • Rotating disk to separate and convey bottle in other size.
  • Working station of automatically air blowing and cleaning bottle.
  • Working station of automatically steel ball dropping down for perfume bottle.
  • Automatic plug feeder and inserter station.
  • Automatic cap feeder and inserter station (one set for one size of cap)
  • Infeed and outfeed rotating disk.
  • All product contact parts made of stainless steel 316
  • Two lanes bottles infeed, two heads filling, double capacity.
  • Thermal seal for bottle mouth.


Suitable bottle has plastic bottle and glass bottle in range 5-1000ml, customization for you.

Example glass bottle appearance as following:







Suitable filling range

A: 5-50ml. B: 25-250ml. C: 50-500ml. D: 100-1000ml

Lane no.







1 phase, custom made as local

  • Maximum Viscosity: 5000CPS
  • Filling Heads: 2pieces or custom made
  • Voltage: 220V/1ph, 50/60Hz
  • Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Filling Capacity: 15-20 or 30-40  bottles/minute, different with filling material and bottle



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