Slim Long Paper Tube full automatic Seaming machine

Environment protection is the future and main work currently, plastic container is not suitable and metal container is high cost, paper tube is more and more popular. According to its usage, paper tube for nutrition powder is as normal metal tin can size, when its for red wine packing, or gift packing especially in Europe, long and slim paper tube are born, its a test to working stability and durable of paper tube seaming machine.


tube4 tube3 tube2 tube1


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CE, ISO and CSA certified paper tube seaming machine is necessary for the Europe and USA markets, which are our main markets disbributed by local brand reselling. Key of this machine is the seaming head, its same quality and design as the Europe paper tube seaming machine whose cost is several times more. Together with the distributors in Europe and USA, we grow and develop our seaming machine much better than anybody else in China, detail handling, machine easy operation with clear marks, easy cleaning, good guidance of operation and installation, it forms the strong relationship with our each users.



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