New Workshop of Premade Pouch Fill Seal Packing machine

Its a new area and new building in our workship park, specially and only for the premade pouch fill seal rotary and single station full automatic packing machine, available for different product like frozen fruit, fruit chips, dehydrated fruit, PET food, dog food, powder, liquid, granule, or more than one type of product all in one bag, like powder+liquid+granule all in one bag; available for the types bag like zipper bag, doypack, retort bag, pillow pack, gusset pouch, all of the premade pouch etc.






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Capacity of each machine can be small as around 5 bags/minute, fast as 60 bags/minute, depend on feature of the filling product, with different feeding system and automatic conveying system.


Its around 4000 square meters for this new area and building, together with the current other workshops for jar bottle and bag fill packing machine around 56,000 square meters, the total area is around 60,000 square meters, by the own manufacture all mechanical parts, own design and own programming, having well quality control; machine frames are in stock, quicker delivery time providing, spare parts in stock for users' easy daily production; strong engineer team and after sale service team guarantee your confidence working with us.

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