Sachet VFFS & Paperbox Cartoning & Weighing machine Production Line

Sachet VFFS single lane, double lanes, multi lanes full automatic packing machine, together with the other bag packing machine like premade doypack packing machine etc., they have been manufacturing over 30 years, and are mainly for exporting overseas market to the Europe and USA's local brand, best quality and detail handling from China, the cost and design manufacture capability better than anywhere else.




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Full automatic continuous packing line from sachet VFFS, cartoning, weighing, its the absolute advantage to customize design and manufacture this line, customer love and happy with them.


  • 4 sets of double lanes sachet VFFS+paperbox cartoning machine+weighing machine continuous production line
  • 8 lanes sachet / stick VFFS + paperbox cartoning machine + weighing machine continuous production line


Available for health food, supplement, pharmaceutical industries, CE certified, easy operaiton and maintenance and cleaning, no worry for the after sale service, commissioning and installation and training are well provided until user's operator know well.

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