SEC has realized the Tapioca Starch Veggie Softgel Stable High Speed 5RPM Production

Tapioca starch softgel, its production technical process, encapsulation machine and tooling, they are always the focus in the industry. SEC team has realized the tapioca starch veggie softgel supplement 5.0RPM and cosmetic 4.0RPM stable high speed production on our standard model 150x250 encapsulation machine.


With the lowest cost, simplest way, SEC team has reached to have tapioca starch veggie softgel manufacturing on the same animal gelatin softgel machine, with very small change, simple operation, truly considering for end user factories, increased their effective and decreased the cost.



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1, Main changes of Tapioca starch Veggie softgel encapsulation machine;


1) Gelatin liquid conveying system

2) Gelatin ribbon preparation system

3) Heating system

4) Cooling system

5) Lubrication system




2, Tapioca starch gelatin Special Die Roll Mold Set


SEC three steps die roll mold got the approval from intellectual property office on Jun.13, 2017, researched external double steps, inner double steps, three steps die roll mold improve the sealing of softgel, aiming at features of tapioca starch gelatin high viscosity and poor toughness, by using the height difference of die roller cavity three steps, reducing gelatin ribbon deformation, effective ease the squeeze from fill content to sealing, plus the full automatic sand blasting technology on die roller surface, ensuring tapioca starch softgel sealing rate (reach to 90-100%), providing guarantee for tapioca starch veggie softgel stable high speed production.




  • Softgel multi layers, vegetarian die roll mold (Patent No. 2017206795548)
  • Die roller Surface Appearance Sand Blasting (Patent No. 2019301165541)
  • Die roller Surface Appearance Sand Blasting (Patent No. 2019301165537)


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