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  • Double steps die roller, 
  • Triple steps die roller, 
  • veggie softgel die roll mold, 
  • sand blasting die roller, 
  • better softgel sealing die roll mold, 
  • higher output softgel die roll mold, 
  • cosmetic softgel die roll irregular shape, 
  • paintball die roll mold, 
  • medicine softgel die roll mold, 
  • supplement suspension paste softgel die roll mold, 
  • powder pasty softgel die roll mold, 
  • Chinese powder medicine softgel die roll mold...
  • Easy damage parts,
  • Injection wedge new set and recoating,
  • Piston filling pump system...


For softgel encapsulation machines coming from all the world machine manufacturers like SKY, DCM, CHANGSUNG, BOCHANG, KAMATA, SANKYO, PHARMAGEL, GIC, TECHNOPHAR etc.


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What is the service:

  • Production capability, technical process, product quality are the precondition, 
  • service realization and actual practice is the embodiment of product value, is the best gratitudes to our customers!


The first softgel service platform in China -- SEC Softgel Technology(world biggest die roll mold set manufacturer), devote ourselves to: 

  • To provide our customers the services more professional, more timely, more completely and more considerately!

Thanks to the members for their efforts and dedication!




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