Liquid Calcium Suspension Softgel Encapsulation, Onsite Production Process Improvement

Liquid calcium softgel is a typical formula in China market and also for most international market, its exporting a lot from China for other countries private label brands. As its suspension type fill content, most users still have the encapsulation problem to have the beautiful shape and sealing.




  • As above left 1st photo, the sealing line is not a straight line;
  • middle photo, the sealing end problem and sealing line not straight and it has deckle edge;
  • the right photo, its the good sealing and beautiful sealing line after the new technology of die roll mold set used and well improved the machine parameters and setting.

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Above photo of liquid calcium softgel, all three pieces are made by the new technology softgel die roll mold set and well improved softgel, middle one has been squeezed by handle so its shape looks different. Its told that, improvement of the softgel die roll mold for this fill content, it can prevent abnormal shape softgel happening, making sealing line beautiful, and increasing the seaing rate.


During the onsite working, we have checked out the filling pump tube material leakage which will cause the bubble in softgel fill content, and finally lead to leakage after drying; adjusting the machine and injection timing etc., finally its a beautiful and high quality softgel output.




We are providing the softgel encapsulation production process improvement, training and teaching softgel machine operation, as the first softgel service platform in China, SEC softgel technology, we are serving more than half domestic end users in pharmaceutial and supplement industries and with around 30 cases long time process improvement, with high reputation and high feedback from end user for their more lean production.



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