Softgel Encapsulation Technical Support: Production Technical Process Improvement Onsite

Softgel encapsulation is more reply on the operator experience and skill to have a good machine operation and good quality softgel output, almost every softgel manufacturer have problems on the encapsulation, more skilled experienced manufacturer have the problems less or smaller. Even for us, with more than half domestic end users and having around 30 cases long time technical process improvement onsite, we are facing new encapsulation problem everyday.




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As above showing once onsite production process improvement, which let the output increased 8.3%, and saved gelatin liquid 2.2%, higher efficiency and lowe cost to realize more lean production. 




As above krill oil softgel encapsulation onsite, doing the onsite encapsulation, formula analysis, technical process guiding and training to final improve, it proves that our patent multi steps die roll set has good using effect, bi-lip and tri-lip.


With more than 200 days in a year working at the user's first line production, our engineers get the most precious actual encapsulation experience, the customer users feedback that they require not only the high quality equipment, not only the high efficiency die roll mold set, but also the higher quality product, lean production and high efficiency production, more complete and higher quality service technical support are the final requiremnets.


As the over 30 years manufacturer of die roll mold set and softgel fill encapsulation machine, and the first softgel service platform in China SEC Softgel Technology, our advantages range:

  • Softgel Encapsulation Machine Line & Tooling
  • Supply typioca starch Raw Material
  • Technical Guidance for OEM Vegetarian Softgel encapsulation
  • Solution & Training for Softgel Production Technical Process
  • Intelligent Clean Workshop Plant Design & Build
  • Supply equipment Easy damage parts and Spare parts
  • Repair & Renew Softgel die roll mold Set and Softgel Machine


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