Hemp extract Oil Tincture glass bottle Sterilizing Filling Capping Labeling full automatic machine Line

Hemp extract oil, CBD oil, Cannabis oil, its same as essential oil, packed in tincture glass bottle, or called dropper glass bottle, fill volume different from 25ml, 30ml, until 150ml or more, on different size of bottle, this can be worked well by one set machine line with different molds change.




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Above two photos are the typical types, which are our experienced manufactured small bottle, on the machine it can realize bottle unscrambling, empty bottle sterilizing, bottle feeding, hemp CBD oil filling, cap loading and cap screwing, labeling and finished bottle collection all full automatic. 


This machine system can avoid product contamination and make the product in bottle filled in correct quantity, affordable cost with speed around 15-20 bpm or 30-40 bpm according to the user requirement and product feature. Beautiful labeling can have the product with higher quality level to the end consumers.



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