Tablet pill Count Fill Sachet pouch Form Seal full automatic Packing machine, Front & Back different Film Roll

Tablet, soft capsule, hard capsule, a sachet with one of them, or with two or three all of them, its the popular packing type in the market nowadays, for consumer's more convenient eat in a time like a day. Depend on each brand market condition, the sachet types have 4 sides seal, 3 sides seal, zipper flat pouch, or premade pouch with zipper, some requires two different sachet package film material on front and back. These are our experienced manufactured machine system, they are all for Europe and North American market.




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The counting and filling system is different with quantity and types of tablet softgel capsule in a sachet/pouch, according to the user requirement of the sachet/pouch type and appearance, capacity and design on sachet/pouch, the counting and filling system we have manufactured are rotary disk system or multi lanes system, both with control of correct quantity for filling.


It does not matter how many tablet capsule softgel in a sachet, and if they are same types, our machine can work well for all, but its necessary to tell in advance for these details, machine structure will be different accordingly.


Such sachet form fill seal full automatic packing machines are all customized with user's product and requirements, it can be many types and much different cost, even only a device difference sometimes. Almost all the requirements from user until now can be well customized manufactured. User shall send us the complete requirements in detail before the proposal for our engineer checking, a detail communication with the user for what we can do and what we suggest is necessary for the final successful project. 




Above photos are reference for rotary count and fill system, vertical type sachet packing machine is better for such sachet with tablet capsule softgel, it can be connected with other equipments to be a continuous line like cartoning machine, or collection conveyor for people manually convenient next process working.


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