Medicine Softgel New product development and its Softgel Encapsulation

Currently there are a lot medicines losing their patent protection and other applications, medicine manufacture company have the need for more new product development, after the formula set, a small batch production trying on machine is necessary, its good for other solid dosage form normally on first trial, while for softgel dosage form, its mostly not good output at first test, because the softgel encpasulation process is much different than solid dosage production process.




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How to make successful medicine softgel production


Medicine, its excipients are different with supplement because of its special feature of main ingredients, excipient must be able to mix the medicine ingredient well and without delamination, but such excipient has strong water absorption capability, it makes the softgel output easily leakage, its similar as other easy leakage softgel formula like lecithin, krill oil etc., mostly the medicine manufacturer has a big problem of softgel leakage on the first trial or even all daily bulk production, this is a big cost wastage.


With the lab scale softgel encapsulation machine, for first trial small batch production, its good softgel output without leakage, while when move the same softgel formula onto larger capacity softgel encapsulation machine, the leakage problem coming out.


All of these problems are related to many factors:

  • Softgel machine production parameters correct setting
  • Suitable structure of softgel die roll mold set
  • Correct installation and adjustment of the right structure softgel die roll tooling
  • Good softgel main machine assembly to have less vibration during encapsulation process


High cost raw material, avoid wastage


  • Medicine mostly has very high value, a batch softgel leakage or more raw material consuming should be all avoid. 
  • By the patent intelligent spreader box, it can reduce gelatin ribbon wastage, save gelatin liquid 3-10%, and increase die roller cavity number, increase output 8-10%. 
  • And by the sand blasting surface treatment on die roller, it can elevate the die roller process and treatment technology, increase softgel sealing rate, animal gelatin softgel sealing rate high to more than 70%, tapioca starch vegetarian softgel sealing rate high to 90%-100%.


Veggie medicine Softgel


  • Vegetable softgel is the most hot topic in current market and also it has very huge market demand, until now early of 2019, the veggie softgel encapsulation still need more work to make its stable output.
  • Its more related to feature of veggie tapioca starch raw material.
  • As we know that nowadays market the stable veggie softgel encapsulation is only for supplement pure oil formula such as fish oil softgel, CLA oil softgel, Vitamin E softgel, Flaxseed oil softgel etc.


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