Medicine Cannabis Hemp Softgel Encapsulation machine and Guidance for correct Equipment Buying

One of the most popular dosage forms of CBD oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil is softgel capsule, the softgel encapsulation machine to make this softgel is same as standard one, but with some key parts different with the softgel fill content formula. 




Which model of softgel encapsulation machine is good, its decided by the required capacity on target softgel shape and size, for example softgel shape size is 10 oval or 20 oblong, and capacity how many softgel per hour is required for production output.


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According to the different fill content formula, the key parts on softgel machine such as filling system, die roll tooling etc. should be good for the formula, and auxiliary equipments like material feeding tank, gelatin feeding tank etc. should be good for the material and gelatin too. There are some materials very hard for encapsulation, when the fill content includes these materials, it should be specially treated from like operation process, structure of key parts, machine parameters etc.


CBD cannabis oil, when it is the only one main ingredient in the fill content formula, it has different composition percentage, mostly its mixed with other main ingredient to compose formula, the feature of its encapsulation will be decided by all the main ingredients and if any special excipient.


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