Cannabis Hemp Can Sealing machine, Vacuum Nitrogen Fill Can Sealing machine, on smaller can height 22mm

The can sealing machine to seal the small height of can, it requires much higher performance and stable operation, it tests the capability of the machine manufacture, customers feedback that some can sealing machine don't work well always on such small height can.



Its always positive feedback for our tin can sealing machine, as we are always improving our machines by technology guidance from our American distributors, the most precious user first line using experience. Now all of our tin can sealing machine are approved the CE and CSA standard, a guarantee for your life long operation with our affordable cost but Europe American standard quality.


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We have made the tin can sealing for cannabis hemp leaf products, or oil products in the can, with height smaller to 22mm, its stable operation always now in the end users' facility as their feedback. Some cannabis hemp can has a plastic lid on, for user convenient using when the tin lid is opened, our another cap pressing machine put the cap well on the small height can well.





Depend on the user's requirement, available machines for this cannabis hemp can applications are:

  • can sealing machine
  • vacuum nitrogen fill and can sealing machine
  • cap pressing machine


Both can sealing machine, vacuum nitrogen fill and can sealing machine can be full automatic and semi automatic type, the operation are the same, difference is that can loading, full automatic mode will have the can automatic moving for sealing, semi automatic mode requires people manually put the can on fixed location for machine automatic sealing.


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