Fish Shape Softgel die roll set Mold FS10 / OF10, 1-2 weeks delivery, for all Softgel machines

Fish shape Softgel capsule, twist off die roll, its mostly applicable for health supplement industry, typical formulas like liquid calcium softgel, fish oil softgel, children DHA softgel, gel candy softgel etc., its very seldom in medicine industry.




Fish shape softgel die roll set tooling, we have been manufacturing it very often for softgel machines from Korea, China, Canada, America etc., with different size and mostly its FS10, or it is called OF10 too, with prompt delivery 1-2 weeks, same durable material as world standard but better structure for a better seal and more output with more beautiful appearance, we focus on the details even including the sealing line, softgel output made by our die roll mold will have the sealing line much more thin which makes the softgel looking like a whole.


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This is a team who made the first softgel encapsulation machine in China, with over 30 years experience of manufacture softgel tooling and softgel machine together with technical support and new softgel plant design building, over 1000 sets softgel tooling annual output and more than 50 lines, around 80% domestic market for both health supplement and medicine industry, our technicians are working at end user's site around 200 days in a year, such precious actual experience on first line and long years experience technical capability are much more important than equipment itself for softgel encapsulation and its plant operation, for the higher quality output product, lean and high efficient production. 




More comprehensive and higher quality technical support and service is the final requirement of softgel encapsulation end user, this is just our harder working target!


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