New! High Speed! Pillow Pack Back Seal Sachet single Lane 80 BPM

A new machine product well developed:

  • High speed 80 bag per minute for Single lane and Pillow pack (Back seal)!
  • Full automatic sachet packing machine!
  • It has stable operation and under mass production!




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We are always on the way of innovative, according to the customer requirements and market need, our capability of customization always have our machine meet with customer's special requirements. By our own structure design, our own engineer and technician team, mechanical parts all made by ourselves, and by our own program design, current facility 55,000 square meters, 27 years experience since year 1991 as manufacture site for world leading machine brands in Europe and America, with customers over 50 countries in the 6 continents, our machines are State of the Art and durable, now our machines are developed into 4th generation, the 1th generation over 10 years ago is well used and they buy more from us because of their production need. 


This high speed 80 bag per minute is for back seal type sachet, and good free flow small granule, with servo motor control system, its around double higher than normal single lane sachet packing machine 30-40 bag per minute.


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