How to make gelatin sticking impossible and provides an easier release of the formed Soft capsule

Easy release of the formed soft capsule, together with injection wedge timing operation and softgel good seal are the typical problems for most factories when softgel encapsulation. This article will talk how to make gelatin sticking impossible and how to provide an easier release of the formed soft capsule.


Concentricity and Perpendicularity


This is for the two die rollers, cutting of die roll is decided by the chamfer and excircle grinding technology from the die roll manufacturer, the "concentric and positioning" excircle grinding technology researched by our company has been getting highly praised from softgel manufacturing factory. This technology ensure die roll quality requirements to concentric degree and vertical degree, under the normal operation, effectively prevent the not smooth happening of die roll cutting, to make gelatin sticking impossible and easier release of the formed soft capsule, at the same time prolong service life of softgel die roll. 




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Cavity Volume


Size and Volume of the cavity should well fit for the softgel, I.E. the softgel die roll tooling structure design. 


Temperature Control of Injection Wedge


Temperature of injection wedge is controlled well from injection wedge structure and heating temperature parameter setting, parameter setting is related to the softgel encapsulation experience and actual softgel formula.


Smooth Surface, Free from Any Scratches


A new well manufactured softgel die roll tooling must have good smooth surface and free from any scratches, this is basic for every new set die roll tooling, so to make sure the easy release of the formed capsule and good seal of every softgel capsule.


Mold left shaft with good precision and no jumping


For a new machine after some years working, mostly it requires the maintenance, like the car, molf left shaft is easy to have jumping when we test its precision, which will lead to the cutting problem. We will suggest our user to test the shaft precision by a video and tool guiding and advise the way to solve.


Gelatin liquid with proper viscosity, which could not be too sticky.


Mostly gelatin liquid should be well controlled its viscosity for several years experience encapsulation, this is mostly happened for new encapsulation users.


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