Advantages of Veggie Soft Capsule manufactured by our Vegetarian Softgel encapsulation machine

Vegetarian softgel capsule, that encapsulated by our vegetarian softgel encapsulation machine with raw material cassava starch, it has the advantages much better than normal gelatin soft capsules.



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  • The quality is good approved after testing in acceleration box and normal temperature box for whole softgel shelf life;
  • It is not affected too much when in bad temperature and humidity condition, different with bovine gelatin softgel that is easy to be sticky each other;
  • Good transparency, Good chewing degree same as bovine gelatin softgel;
  • It will not break when at temperature 0 celsius degree, and only a little when at temperature minus 18 celsius degree; different with bovine gelatin softgel that will break at temperature 0 celsius degree, and most break at temperature minus 18 celsius degree. 
  • When normal temperature in Summer, 30 celsius degree, temperature in transportation carton will be around 53 celsius degree, bovine gelatin capsule is almost all sticky together, but its good for our vegetarian softgel.


Vegetarian soft capsule by cassava starch is the new technology development, its Pure, Natural & GMO free! Avoid gelatin when you want to take some health supplement. All formula of soft capsule can be well manufactured by our vegetarian softgel encapsulation machine and in our special vegetarian OEM contract manufacture site, only except the Lecithin soft capsule. 


Typical formulas that we have manufactured are:

  • Algae oil DHA vegan softgel
  • CLA vegan softgel
  • Fish oil vegan softgel
  • Vitamin E vegan softgel
  • Flaxseed oil vegan softgel 
  • Krill oil vegan softgel


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